Daily Quote #1

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The Lost Community

Sage’s Story “Dad, what are you doing? Get mom out of there!” My dad just tossed a bucket of cold water onto my mother. He had her locked in a small closet on the bottom floor of the house. She had been in there for three days. No showers, little to no food, and no […]

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Letter from The Monster in her Head

 I’m writing this letter to the family that this girl loves,    I don’t think we’ve had an opportunity to speak. I’m the monster clinging to your loved ones mind. You’re probably wondering what the hell right? Lol. Well I will tell you a little about your daughter. She’s bright. She’s not easy to anger but […]

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Inebriated Thoughts

Hit onceHit twiceTime fliesI’m taking my writing to new heightsCloud 9Thinking about you being only mineThat’s fineReminiscing on the past Shot oneShot twoWhat can I doMy heart is screaming for youThe pain finally coming to an endWas I really in love with themOr was it all for youWhat was I running from back then This […]

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Ultimate Pleasure

Mouth watering as the juices flowEvery time it's seen ones mind is blownThe pearl that holds the essence to her criesThe hole that creates the juices that makes one power dieBut you have the skill to make her body flyIt's about time to rip her to shredsLet the tongue caress the pearl As the lips […]

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