Inebriated Thoughts

Hit once
Hit twice
Time flies
I’m taking my writing to new heights
Cloud 9
Thinking about you being only mine
That’s fine
Reminiscing on the past

Shot one
Shot two
What can I do
My heart is screaming for you
The pain finally coming to an end
Was I really in love with them
Or was it all for you
What was I running from back then

This blunt full of loud
My mind becomes a shroud
And then I am enveloped in only thoughts of you
High school sweetheart
Young crush
Strong love
But I let it go
Because I wanted to hang on to my past
I was the reason we didn’t last

Hit Thrice
Will these feeling suffice
Hit four
Once again I scored
This time it's real
These are the thoughts that run through my mind
As I hit this blunt
The days with you were fun
The kisses in the gazebo by the basketball court
Disobeying the school rules
Flying in the wind
Spinning in the clouds
Higher than a kite
All the trouble we caused as a couple
We became a power house
That no one could bring down
These are the memories I hold of you and me
The happiest moments of my life were when I was with you
Now I have it all back
And now I’m going to pick up the slack

Shot three
I’m finally feel Fred
Shot four
The past is now sour
My high and drunk thoughts
Are all about you
Now what shall I do
My heart now belongs to the person who solely deserved it all along
I wonder
If this love can be strong
Can it go back to what it was then
Your heart was mine


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