Ultimate Pleasure

Mouth watering as the juices flow
Every time it's seen ones mind is blown
The pearl that holds the essence to her cries
The hole that creates the juices that makes one power die
But you have the skill to make her body fly
It's about time to rip her to shreds
Let the tongue caress the pearl
As the lips wrap around it
And listen the reactions That become a distraction
Fingers dip inside the treasure
Drawing out the ultimate pleasure
Cries becomes screams
Then the screwing that awakens her from the dream
The heights that will be reached
Mind bleached
Cleared of all stains
You become the focus of her brain
Now take the reigns
Drive her body into the bed sheets
Feel the rise in heat
As you continue to beat
The clenching of the walls lets you know what's about to come next
Pull the fingers out she becomes vexed
Torn between fantasy and reality
Add a spice of creativity
Popsicles become the focus
Ran over the clit
Her body shakes
Push it in and watch the body break
She grips the bedding
Your tongue heads in
Dipping into her folds
She tries to keep hold
The massaging of tongue against walls
Makes her bawl
the control that was left now gone
She begins to grind
Driving herself over the edge
Hair gripping
Mind slipping
She cries out
Her body dies out
As a soul crushing orgasm rocks her body
The flow of juices over your tongue
You know that her ultimate pleasure has come
Now this game is done


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