Crime of Passion

           “Ju, I think you should come outside.” I sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes. I looked down next to me to see if I had woken up my lover. I didn’t. I sighed and got up out of bed and began to get dressed. “What’s going on?” I saw flashing lights through my window. I pulled my pants up and ran over to the window. I couldn’t see much of anything because of the crowd and the police cars. “Liz. What the hell is going on?” I ran out of my room and headed to the elevator. “We don’t know. They won’t let anyone by.” I felt my heart sink. “You are Queens what do you mean they won’t let you pass.” They elevator finally came up. I got inside and slammed the button for the lobby. Liz began talking to someone in the background again. The elevator reached the lobby so I hung up and ran outside. “I saw ambulance, police, crowds of students and people from the surrounding businesses standing outside. I looked around until I found my parents and the other Queens. There was a police officer talking to them. As he was talking to them I turned , an area of people had cleared out and I saw the car. Saro. I ran over to the car ignoring the police tape. There was blood everywhere. “SARO.” A cop grabbed me by my shoulder. I turned and looked at her, “Where is she?” the cop didn’t say anything, “We need you to get back behind the tape ma’am.” I didn’t know why but the tears began to fall. I heard my lovers voice behind me and someone grabbed me and pulled me back. It was probably him. All I could think about was her. All the blood in the car. The bullet holes in the windshield.

           I looked at the ambulance and they were loading a body in. I ran over to the police officer that was talking to the EMT. “Can I see?” The cop turned and looked at me, “Do you know who the person is?” I shook my head, “No, but I know who that car belongs to.” He walked over to a guy dressed in a suit whom was a detective. He began to speak with him while turning around and pointing at me. The detective walked over to me, “Who are you?” “Ju.” He smiled, “Ah, Ms. Ju, do you know who this might be?” “Like I told the officer I know who the car belongs to but I don’t know who was driving it.” The detective looked at me, “Who does the car belong to because the license plate leads back to you.” “Saro.” He looked at me in shock. “No.” “Exactly please let me see who they just put in the back of the ambulance.” “Even if it her you won’t be able to tell. They beat and tortured her brought her here shot her and left her to die.” I couldn’t deal. Something told me that it was her. “Can I see or not?” the detective lifted up the tape and let me through. The ambulance workers stepped aside. I got inside and immediately started screaming. She was beaten so bad her face was swollen. She had bruises and cuts on her neck. The ambulance workers jumped in and shut the doors. I felt the ambulance pull off. Her hand was visible she was barely breathing. A mask fed her oxygen. “What happened to you?”

           The ride to the hospital was quiet all we heard was the beeping from the machine she was hooked up to. My ring was on a chain around her neck. It was her. Why would anyone want to do this to her? The ambulance stopped and the doors sprung open. There were tons of people already outside of the hospital. The news spread fast. 2 doctors and a few nurses were waiting. The ambulance workers pulled her out and took her into the hospital with the doctors following.


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